A Chinese vlogger was attacked on the face by an octopus she was trying to eat during a live stream, reports Daily Mail.

The woman, known as “seaside girl Little Seven” online, tried to eat a live octopus for her live stream on the popular video platform Kuaishou but ended up horrified as the octopus tried to fight desperately for its life.

In the 50-second video, the woman can be seen screaming in pain as she desperately tries to peel off the animal’s tentacles from her skin.

At the beginning of the video, the octopus has already stuck its tentacles on the vlogger’s left cheek, who does not seem to be bothered.

“She can be heard telling her fans ‘look how hard it’s sucking’ as she tried to remove a tentacle from her upper lip,” Daily Mail writes.

However, upon realizing that the octopus would not let go of her face, the vlogger started to panic and cry. She started screaming “painful” and “I can’t remove it” while using all her strength to remove the tentacles off her face.

The woman’s face became so stretched out during the process until the octopus decided to let go. Once the octopus has been removed, the woman promised to eat it in the next video.

Image credit: Kuaishou/Dan Yao Bu Ji Jun

According to her Kuaishou account, the vlogger lives in Lianyungang and loves to eat seafood. She has already eaten different types of seafood in her channel, including cooked lobsters and crayfish.

It seems that she was determined to become viral as one of her videos showed her complaining that her previous videos were not able to reach the video platform’s trending chart. However, the octopus video quickly went viral.

The vlogger has been receiving backlash not only from vegans but also from meat eaters who are concerned with animal welfare.

A vegan said: “Sucks to be attacked by the most intelligent invertebrate. But it sucks more to be seafood. Ditch eating sea creatures (dead or alive) and go vegan.”

“To eat it alive is nothing but cruelty and attention seeking,” a Facebook user commented.

Another added: “This should happen to everyone trying to harm a living creature just for the sake of popularity.”

“My pulse literally went up because I felt so bad for the octopus. The way she pulled him… humanity as it’s finest,” said another.

“Girl, your life is so boring that you are ready to hurt an animal to have attention from others??? How far are you ready to go to have more followers? … No respect,” another person commented.

“Octopus is the smartest animal in the world. So don’t try to eat it alive or you’ll getting eaten alive by them,” a social media user joked.